The Phenomenal Women Group
The Phenomenal Women Group
Michelle Mitchell

Welcome to The Phenomenal Women Group

We are vibrant organization of women working together to improve their lives and share resources.

About Us


Creating a powerful community of female leaders.

We want this to be your landing spot first thing in the morning and last thing at night that gives you the extra motivation and empowerment for your life goals from being the best mom, friend, teacher, doctor to CEO.  The virtual support system to strengthen you. 

We built this for your stability sister.

Why You Should Join Us

Become a part of the growing movement!

 -Exchanging and sharing resources
 -Marketing Your Business!                                           

-Creating new lifelong friendship
-Monthly Online Workshops!
 -Meeting with other business owners!

 -Getting Business Leads!

- Empowering one another

To be a member of our collective you must receive an invitation to or recommendation by a current member. 

See If you know a member to receive an invite.   

It's Free to join, but you must have been invited.

A Big Thanks

So many to name of all who have supported us and engaged with us who believed in the dream to make us what you need. 

We are forever evolving.  We are forever thankful.